Instro a go go is more than just a show

The Instro A Go Go Radio Show offers an alternative to scanning those brow-wrinkling biographies and discographies, and instead provides witty repartees and interesting anecdotes on the issues and people marked by pop culture, whose influences are still seen today.

In our music selections we have deliberately favoured passionate and danceable go-go, which was born under the big-city beat of the late ‘50s and blossomed throughout the ‘60s. Go-go, however, isn’t its own music genre, but pure feeling, which as a definition is just as difficult to explain as swing, for example. It either is or it isn’t! But the best thing about go-go is that there is no need to know the music, since its immediate casual fervour, or groove, strikes straight at the heart—you’ll recognise go-go when you hear it.

Go-go was the universal beat of the ‘60s, heard on the catwalks of fashion shows, in exclusive nightclubs, in little cellar clubs, and on movie soundtracks. It belonged to New York’s rhythm and blues, California’s surf, and London’s mod jazz. Go-go accompanied the new post-war generation, the young adults of the ‘60s, and their innovative designing of the future an every cultural level. The Instro A Go Go Radio Show is a radio program that entertains, surprises, and raises debate at the coffee table. Welcome to our world of go-go!


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