Surf a Go Go

The Surf á Go Go Radio Show will provide you, good listeners, with an hour’s worth of instrumental music over a broad spectrum—twang, go-go, mod jazz, garage, exotica—but above all, as the name of the program suggests, you will hear those watery surf sounds—old classics and interesting rarities that our team has collected from around the world. It’s not just a history of music, however, because we’re going to demonstrate that the continuity of surf music is in good hands and thriving. Therefore, the program will also embrace the recordings of newer bands right up to this day. So, make yourselves comfortable and surrender to the waves! The program’s hosts alternate between Sami Smith, Jari Moberg, and DJ Harry Palmer.

Surf à Go Go - part 6


Sami Smith

President of Surf a´Go Go Radio Show

scriptwriter / host

Jari Moberg

President of Instro a´Go Go Radio Show


+358 40 582 88 05

Harry Palmer

President of Surf a´Go Go Radio Show

scriptwriter / host

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